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Champaign, OH:  Thank You

And, so today, my world it smiles…
(Lyric from Thank You-Led Zeppelin)

Today, my world, the market world, the vendor world, the customer world…it all smiles, as each and every order comes in.

It’s Tuesday, and well, the orders and sales have been staggering. We still have until this evening, at 10pm, to take orders, and then we will all get to work to bring you the best of the best, the best local has to offer, the best spirit, the best soul, the best market…

Let this serve as your reminder, and I will then give you a last call reminder, this evening, before closing.

Thank you…the words bear so much meaning, and yet not near enough, for this market manager to express…

Cosmic Pam

Shaky K Farm:  This market is preparing to open!

This market was added to the system on Monday April 06, 2020 10:01 PM. It should be open for business soon!

Locally Grown Market CCF:  Veggies need another week

Hello farm community,

As spring moves in with us, everything has a different look because of the suffering of the world. Yet, the spring comes, anyway, and plants grow and flowers bloom.

The plants are growing, but not yet ready for harvest. I hope by next week there will be arugula and green onions and romaine lettuce and maybe some green garlic. Please check back in then. I will send out another email on Monday night to let you know.

Please be safe and keep others safe.
Lynn  This market is preparing to open!

This market was added to the system on Monday April 06, 2020 02:17 PM. It should be open for business soon!

Statesboro Market2Go:  PIckup Location Default!

Did you choose your pickup time for this week? If you did not use the drop down menu to choose, you may be automatically scheduled to a previous choice.

We’re offering Friday as well as Thursday in Statesboro to reduce the wait times.

Look at your order confirmation email, and if want to change it, you can email market2gostatesboro@gmail to change it for you.

Please pay online to make our process more efficient and to better meet health guidelines. Register your debit or credit card at My Account and click “Pay Now” when you check out.

NEW PICKUP TIMES! This week we will offer Statesboro customers two choices for picking up their orders – Thursday evening or Friday morning. Sylvania customers will have slightly expanded hours for pickup at their regular venue.

When you place your order, you’ll be asked to select the location/time of your pickup. You will not be able to finalize your order without choosing one.

  • Statesboro: Thursday evening at Uncle Shug’s on Main
  • Statesboro: Friday morning at Uncle Shug’s on Main
  • Sylvania: Thursday evening at Victory Garden General Store
  • To Your Home Delivery (must add delivery to cart and prepay)

Watch for the market UPDATE on Wednesday night to get specific details about pickup times. If you want us to bring your order to your home, add Home Delivery to your cart. (Pickup times do not apply to home deliveries.)

Falls Park Farmers Market:  Online Market Open!

We are opening our online store today! The market is now open until 5 p.m on Wednesday. This is week 2 of our soft opening as not all our vendors and products are on the site.

We have added new products this week like jerky, cheese, and tulips bunches.

If you do not receive an order confirmation or a reminder on Friday to pick up your order the order wasn’t received. Please contact a any vendor you placed an order with

Thank you for helping us launch our online market!

Sunny Slope Farm WI:  This market is preparing to open!

This market was added to the system on Monday April 06, 2020 12:13 PM. It should be open for business soon!

Siloam Springs, AR:  We're Open! New Products Available!

We have 194 products for you to choose from!

Opossum Hollow has restocked pork and added additional beef – like steak, tenderized round steak, chuck roasts, and more.

Vandevoir Farms has added more cuts and whole birds – from cornish hens to 3.5-4lb hens.

Perennial Gardens has added plants and herbs.

Our bakers make some of the most delicious breads, cookies, and pies.

We have farm fresh eggs, honey, and pecans.

You can even buy laundry detergent, hand soaps (plus refills), deodorant, first aid cream and more.

Enjoy shopping this week and we’ll see you Saturday.

I Create

to use on the platform.

Homedale Farmers Market:  This market is preparing to open!

This market was added to the system on Monday April 06, 2020 11:06 AM. It should be open for business soon!