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Berea Gardens:  Market open

Summer is here and I am excited. I can finally enjoy one of my favorite one-skillet meals. Fresh sliced new potatoes, green beans, onions and garlic. Steamed lightly and drizzled with a little olive oil, this is one of my favorite flavor blends. And this week, you can enjoy it, too !


Magney Legacy Ridge Farm:  CSA #19

Dear CSA-ers,
This week’s Preassembled Bag will contain Malabar Spinach, Fennel, Carrots, Muir Head Lettuce, Mixed Eggplant, Cherry Tomatoes, Oregano and Parsley. Orders may now be placed on the online market at:

On a farm, one comes to know the seasons by their sounds. The sound most iconic to mid-summer is the constant whirring of cicadas. Though we plant by the calendar, it would be just as easy to start fall planting by the arrival of cicada song. Perhaps at one time in human history, people did.

This is a bittersweet time, as some of our long-standing crops that have reached the end of their productivity will have to be turned over to make room for those that will succeed in Fall. As part of our organic and sustainability practices, we return the nutrition of the “crop residue” to the soil by using a special mower that mulches the aboveground portion. The shredded leaves and stems increase the organic matter content of our soil and return any minerals the plant accumulated during its life. Earthworms and beneficial soil microbes turn this mulched “crop residue” back into forms that can be used by the new plantings. The cycle begins again.

This week’s featured vegetable is the eggplant, or “aubergine” as it is known in some parts of the world. Genetic studies of eggplant suggest it originated in South-East Asia, but it was quickly disseminated by trade routes through the Mid-East to Europe, and then later to European colonies. Now the vegetable is popular world over. Eggplant is best eaten cooked, though this business of salting and soaking alluded to in cookbooks is not necessary for the low-bitter varieties that we grow. Eggplant is prized for its ability to absorb and concentrate the flavor of what it is cooked in. Likewise, there are numerous dishes that revolve around the eggplant; ratatouille, moussaka, baba ghanoush, eggplant parmesan, and countless others. Eggplant skeptics are quickly won over with its addition to simple recipes like stir-fries or minestrone soups. We hope you come to enjoy this beautiful vegetable as much as we do.

Garlic Parmesan Baked Eggplant Recipe

• 1 large eggplant
• 6 tablespoons unsalted butter melted
• 1 cup breadcrumbs
• 1/4 cup shredded Parmesan cheese
• 1/4 teaspoon smoked paprika
• 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
• 1/2 teaspoon Italian seasoning
1. Start by preparing the eggplant: wash the eggplant and trim off the green end. You can peel the skin if you like. Next, slice eggplant into 1/2" disks. Place all disks in colander or cooling rack set over baking sheet, sprinkle with salt and let sit for at least 30 minutes
2. Next, melt butter in a bowl. Mix breadcrumbs, spices and Parmesan cheese in another bowl.
3. Dip each eggplant disk into butter first, then breading mixture. Place on aluminum foil or parchment paper lined baking sheet.
4. Bake in 400 degrees F oven for 15 minutes, then flip each disk and baked for 7 more minutes. The eggplant should be golden brown and the breading crispy.
5. Serve as side dish, appetizer or use in eggplant Parmesan.
Recipe Notes
Eggplant skin is completely edible. It’s a personal preference, just like zucchini. You can peel the skin off or leave it.

As always, we thank you for being a part of our CSA, and supporting sustainable, organic, and truly local agriculture in Western Kentucky. It’s you who make this possible!

The Magney Legacy Ridge Farm Team

The Wednesday Market:  Place Your Orders Today

Good morning.

The Wednesday Market is open for orders. Please place your order by 10 p.m. Monday. Orders are ready for pick up between 2 and 4 p.m. See the website for this week’s product offerings. Here is the link:

As I mentioned in last week’s blog, we spent Sunday “putting up” some of our garden vegetables. The result: cucumber relish and homemade salsa. Once again this week we have had an abundance of squash and more tomatoes. These blessing have now been converted into squash pickles and more salsa. While canning is hot work, it brings to mind memories made as a teenager when I worked with Mamaw and Papaw helping them harvest and preserve their garden. Back then there was no air conditioning, so the act of pressure canning green beans caused the temperature in Mamaw’s kitchen to be 100+ degrees! Papaw rewarded us with trips to the lake or river for fishing and swimming. Precious memories indeed!

Thank you for supporting Georgia Grown. Have a great day, and we’ll see you at the Market.



Washtenaw Organic Collaborative:  Ordering Open for July 11th Pickup-- Organic Vegetables, Flowers, & Goodness!

Ordering Open July 5-8 for PICKUP SATURDAY, JULY 11, 2020

HOW IT WORKS : Order Sundays-Wednesdays for Saturday pickup or delivery.

1) CREATE AN ACCOUNT Enter your contact info & pick-up location or delivery option – this can be adjusted later. Here is a map of the current pick-up locations: Brines Farm and Slow Farm.

2) ORDER Select “The Market” and begin placing items in your cart. When finished, select “proceed to check out.” There you can verify the quantity of items ordered, leave notes for your growers, and choose your pick up location or delivery option, and pay. You’ll receive a receipt by email. All submitted orders are considered final on Wednesday.

3) PICK UP & ENJOY This Saturday pick up your individually packaged order. The Slow Farm pickup location is a no contact pickup – please stay in your car, we will place items in your trunk. The Brines Farm pickup location is self-service off of farmhouse porch. Paid delivery option will arrive at your doorstep about midday. Pick up will be at either:

Brines Farm: Saturday 9am-5pm (self-serve porch), 6384 Walsh Rd., Whitmore Lake, MI 48189. OR

Slow Farm: Saturday 9am-12pm (no-contact pickup, items placed in your car), 4700 Whitmore Lake Rd., Ann Arbor, MI 48105

Final Notes:
- Double check the pickup location noted on your receipt/invoice – and remember it for Saturday.
- Delivery to your location is created by adding the $10 delivery item to your order basket.
- If we cannot fulfill an item it will be refunded.
- We cannot accommodate late pick ups or changes in pick up locations.
- Missed Pick Ups will be donated or returned to vendors.

We appreciate your support! See you on Saturday!

Green Acres Atkins:  Good morning

Good morning

Hope you all are enjoying your holiday weekend!

We are excited that sweet corn, tomatoes, okra and much more are starting to be harvested!

The farm is in full swing!!

Please place those orders by Thursday at noon



Have a great week

Stones River Market:  Market is OPEN -- See you Wednesday Walk-up or Curb

Welcome to the July 5th and 6th Stones River Locally Grown Online Farmers Market. The Market opens 8:00 am on Sunday Morning and closes 10:00 pm Monday evening. Order early before quantities available run out!

Be sure to check again over the next 2 days as some of our Growers may be updating their inventories.

THANK YOU Everyone for your patience yet again during our ‘fifteenth’ “Pull Up or "Step Up” delivery on the curb in front of Quinn’s Mercantile to pickup your orders Wednesday afternoon July 8th 5-6:30 pm. Drive up to the canopy or you are welcome to park across the street and walk to the canopy to pickup your order using social distancing. We want to leave the area in front of Quinn’s for their customers.

Delivery Service is available within a 10 mile radius of Murfreessboro, outside areas will be considered and delivery is available to Woodbury at a host location. Please put your address in comments before you check out.

Method of Payment is Cash, Checks, Cards or Invoice. Please check your that email address is current or updated for invoicing.

Thank you for supporting our Locally Grown Market, it means a lot to our Growers and Community. Shop Local and Stay Local!

News From Our Growers:

Carole’s Herbs (CS3 Farm): We have two types of Watermelon Shrubs. Try either Watermelon Tulsi or Watermelon Spearmint.

We also have more Green and Curly Green Lead Lettuce; Dinosaur and Red Russian Kale; Radishes, Borage, and Holy Basil.

RnR Farms: We continue to have the best selection of naturally grown lettuce in middle Tennessee! Butterhead, Romaine Trio, Red and green leaf, and our seasonal Lettuce Blend.

Mama D’s Bakery: Hi everyone! This week we have added cookies! These cookies are the same as the giant cookies just smaller. Also, we still have available our Danishes, donuts, breads, bars, bagels, and soft pretzels!

Oakview Farm: We are celebrating summer with fresh whole chickens, summer squash, turnips, carrots, swiss chard, cucumbers, and eggs (chicken, duck and turkey). We recently made some delicious deviled eggs with our duck and chicken eggs (and other goodies from the garden)- smoked salmon with beet deviled eggs and chili crab deviled eggs. Email us for tips on how to make great deviled eggs and recipe ideas!

Flying S Farms: We have Green Sweet Peppers, nice size for stuffing. Bush beans and pole beans, small type cabbage heads, beets, onions, straight neck and crookneck squash, zucchini, lemon squash, pickling and slicing cucumbers, eggplant, fresh harvest garlic, green tomatoes. Baked goods and jams.

Look forward seeing you “At the Curb" of Quinn’s Mercantile Wednesday July 8th from 5:00 – 6:30 pm, please contact me if you are unable to make delivery or are running late, please phone, email or text me so we can make arrangements to get your order to you. If we don’t hear from you, your order will be donated and you will be invoiced for the amount since we still need to pay our Growers for their products. Remember we can deliver it to you if necessary.

How to contact us:
Locations: Quinn’s Mercantile on Wednesdays: 301 North Spring Street, Murfreesboro

Middle Tennessee Locally Grown:  Time to Order Fresh Local Farm Products!

Middle Tennessee Locally Grown market

is open for your orders till Tuesday evening at 10 pm.

Due to the Coronavirus restrictions, if you would prefer home delivery of your order, please just ask. No charge during this time.

Please also remember that our market is much safer than any grocery store.
All our products are direct from grower/producer to consumer, with no middle men handling.

Please share this information with your friends and help them to understand how safe our open-air markets are.

We’re glad to see Molly Cornelison return to the market, after a very long absence. Molly makes lots of baked goods, including pies, cakes, and smaller items.

(Top, L to R) Oreo Balls and Coconut Cake.
(Bottom, L to R) Personal Chocolate Cheesecake and Blackberry Cobbler.
All items listed under “Bakers.”

From Carter at CS3 Farms:

We have two types of Watermelon Shrubs. Try either Watermelon Tulsi or Watermelon Spearmint. We also have more Green and Curly Green Leaf Lettuce; Dinosaur and Red Russian Kale; Radishes, Borage, and Holy Basil.

(Top, L to R) Watermelon Spearmint Shrub and Green Leaf Lettuce.
(Bottom, L to R) Red Russian Kale and Radishes.
All items are found under “Growers”.

Click here for the complete list of available fresh local farm products for this week.

From Dogwood Valley Greenhouse:

Most perennials seem to prefer to bloom in early spring, so there is a riot of color in the greenhouses in April and May. It’s settled down a lot now, but there are still some new faces each week. This week: the late daylilies, red-veined sorrel, and new begonia baskets, as well as a couple of African violets just coming back into bloom after a rest.

All items listed under “Growers”.

No contact delivery available for no charge during this time!
Just ask on your order comments.

To Contact Us

Our Website:
Middle Tennessee Locally Grown
On Facebook:
Middle Tennessee Locally Grown Online Farmers’ Market
By e-mail:
By phone:
(931) 273-9708

Our Manchester pickup location is across the street from the Manchester City Schools administration building, at
216 East Fort Street, Manchester, TN

Our Tullahoma pickup location is in front of “Nature’s Elite”, in the Cherokee Square Shopping Center next to Dunham’s Sports, open air during this time, at
1802 N Jackson St, Ste 800, Tullahoma TN

For a map, click on the address link.

Only the best fresh flavorful farm products for your family! No more week-old produce trucked cross-country. All the fresh local farm products listed come from your grower and maker neighbors in Middle Tennessee. The freshest produce is picked the day you receive it!

Your year-round weekly market is open for ordering from Sunday morning at 8 am till Tuesday evening at 10 pm.

Receiving options (please note changes in day and time for Tullahoma):
Thursday afternoon pickup (4:00 – 5:00 p.m.) at the market pavilion on Fort Street, Manchester.
Thursday afternoon pickup (5:00 – 5:30 p.m.) outside “Nature’s Elite”, Tullahoma. Open air market during this time.
Delivery on THURSDAY evening free during this time, or at other hours by arrangement.

See the “About” page for details.

Please help us grow:
spread the word about our market.
share this newsletter with someone.
make my day and ask to hand out some fliers.
And if you are hungry for something special, just let us know, and we will do our best to find it for you.

Shop Local,

Your Fantastic Farmers!

Conway, AR:  Opening Bell: Tamales, Squash, Pork, Cucumbers, Honey!

Good afternoon!
We have more holy basil plants potted and ready for your garden or patio. The scent of holy basil is very relaxing and sets the tone for an enjoyable experience outdoors.

Tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, okra, potatoes, salad mix… Check out the vegetables tab on the left side and to see all of the nutritious options this week.

More chicken has been listed from Shaky K Farm, and try some of the pork products from Bradford Valley Farm. As the pandemic continues, we are thankful that so much local food is being produced right here. We are not sure with the short term future holds, but we plan on continuing our market in a safe manner each Friday.

Our market will continue to meet in the lobby every Friday. Our volunteers will be wearing masks. Your order can be brought to your car in the parking lot by one of our dedicated volunteers. Just text me when you are parked, and we will bring your order to your vehicle. 501-339-1039.

Let’s do this again: Authentic Tamales!
Pork, chicken or jalapeño & cheese.
Five for $7. (5 of same kind)
At market this Friday, July 10th.
Text me your order.

Be sure to SEARCH for your favorite items using the search field. For instance, type in the word “sale” and see what pops up. We have almost 500 items available now!

Most items are listed by 6pm Sunday, but check back again before the market closes Tuesday night to see if any other items are ready to be harvested for you! Eat fresh! Eat local! Eat for better health!

And save your eggshells throughout the week for the laying hens! :-)

The market is now OPEN for orders. Click here to start shopping:

Please check your email a few minutes after you place your order to make sure you get an order confirmation. Thanks!

Yalaha, FL:  Preorder still open Till Monday Night.

I am Still taking Pre orders Until Monday Evening, picking up Tuesday July 7th.

Milk is available, we pick up Wed so if you want some I need to know by Tuesday.

Summer time brings weather not conducive to growing much here, So I am trying out throwing together anything edible (including edible weeds) and salad like into a mix and calling it Wild Summer Mix – Cut Salad Mix

Basil Plants available. Lots of Basil available actually, it is a good time to make Pesto.

We have lots of Shoots and microgreens available this week.

If you want to place and order and pick up before the standard window, just let me know.

Standard Ordering window below.
Order now through 7 am Friday July 3rd for Sat July 4th Pickup, or tell me when you want to pick up, we usually have flexibility.

We Are Flexible, TELL ME if you want to make special arrangements for produce, I am open and willing especially now. I just need to know the day before so I can harvest anything that needs early morning handling and I like to know when to expect people to show up.

Remember to tell me when you want to pick up! (and if I don’t reply to confirm within a day, bump my e-mail or text me 407-342-8515. Though I have cleaned up my e-mail so hopefully I won’t Miss Anyone.)

Sign in to order.

You have to sign in to see the add to cart button. Then set the number and click the add to cart button on the items you want to buy (it is the little picture right next to the quantity box.) Remember you need to check out before your order will be placed.
Remember to let me know when you want to pick up on Sat or maybe even Friday late afternoon or on Sunday. (If I don’t send you an e-mail confirmation of your order and pick up time, please make sure you checked out and completed your order.)

GFM :  4TH





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