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Conyers Locally Grown:  Available for Friday November 9

I hope this finds you all doing well.
What a fantastic weekend. We did not get much done, just some much needed relaxing. I hope you had a good one.

The gardens are starting to pop with lots of fall goodies. The collards, kale, chard, mushrooms, radishes, lettuce are all going strong.

We got lots of other great things to.

Remember you have at least 21 meals to plan for this week, 28+ if you include your snacks. We hope some of your selections come from our efforts. We enjoy being your farmers.

Thank you for all your support. Please remember to have your orders placed by 8PM on Tuesday. We will see you on Friday between 5PM and 7PM at Copy Central (1264 Parker Road, Conyers) and don’t forget to share us with a friend.

Thank you,
Brady Bala
Market Manager

Fresh and Local CSA Market:  Taking Orders Now for Delivery on November 9. New this week: Farmstead Fresh Beyond Organic Raw Milk Cheeses

Please place your vegetable, meat and cheese orders for delivery this Friday, November 9.

This week we’ve added Cauliflower and Farmstead Fresh Raw Milk Cheeses.

Cheese orders must be received no later than noon tomorrow, Nov 5 if they are to be delivered on Friday. We’ll take vegetable orders up to 5 pm on Wednesday. Please remember: we can run out of some items. All orders are first-come-first-served. You’ll get the best fill by ordering early.

Farmstead Fresh Cheese is the very same cheese that Fresh and Local CSA used to offer up until a few years ago.

It is the best taking cheese we’ve ever run across. It’s made by all the Weston A Price ideas about what make dairy good for us. Once you’ve tasted the high quality of this cheese, you can order it in 5 lb blocks (the only way we have sold it in the past) It lasts for years. It’s so good for you, too. (If you are still living in the old paradigm where saturated fats are bad for you, check out the recent research by Gary Taubes and others. Saturated fats aren’t bad for us. Most of us need more of them in our daily diets!

Here’s what Farmstead Fresh says about their cheeses:

“One Step Above Organic

Our cheese is made on family farms using organic methods. They produce Raw Milk Cheese from grass fed Jersey cows. We use toxic free farming methods like our forefathers did a century ago. Our cows are only milked during the grass growing months of March through November. Our healthy cows are never force-fed, to produce more milk than they were designed to produce. This is one of the reasons why our Farmstead Natural Cheese is so delicious and nutritious.

Artificial fertilizers, synthetic hormones or toxic pesticides are never used on our dairy farms. Many natural nutrients in milk are altered or destroyed by heating to temperatures that exceed 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

Therefore, we do not pasteurize our milk and our cheese making recipe temperatures never exceed 103 degrees. All of our cheese meets the Federal Law specifications because none of our cheese leaves our curing cellars until it is aged at least 60 days.

Research at Utah State University has confirmed that cows grazing on pasture have up to 500% more Conjugated Linoleic Acid in milk fat which are very potent Cancer fighters. They also found additional calcium and protein as well as vitamins in grass fed milk! Produced by our families, under sanitary State Inspected conditions, for your health and enjoyment!"

Dothan, Alabama:  Greens, fresh pecans and more

Seasonal favorites are back at Onsite Market: fresh cracked pecans, hydroponic spring mix lettuce , kale, satsumas and so much more just in time for the holidays! Meet us at the Market!
Susan and Amanda

Cedar Grove Farm:  Cedar Grove Farm CSA Availability for November 7

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

The hard frost last week was the coup de grace for the summer crops this year. No more okra or pole beans and only green tomatoes and the final harvest of the peppers. Most of the Fall crops are still coming – some more slowly than others. Most of what we had last week is still listed plus some arugula is available. There are 100s of pounds of sweet potatoes all cured and sweet and ready for those Thanksgiving pies, etc. I sold a 8 1/2 pound sweet tater at the market yesterday. Don’t know if the fella wanted to eat it or just admire it as a novelty. FYI, even the big ones of the Beauregard variety taste great all the way though.

As foretold last week the eggs are no longer available. Also, since the Wednesday, Downtown Athens Farmers Market is done, all CSA pickups are at Lindsey’s Culinary Market on Prince Ave. If you have never been there, stop in and check out her carryout prepared dishes and meals. She also has some fine soups, salads and deserts for dining in.

The Market is open. Hope you find something you like.

Regards, Farmer Jay

Conway, AR:  Opening Bell

The market is open for ordering. To place an order, visit Please make sure to hit the checkout button. You will receive a conformation email once you place your order.

Urban Farming Project Kickstarter Fundraiser Is Halfway There
On October 24th the Urban Farming Project launched an exciting Kickstarter project. Their goal is to raise $5000 in 30 days. So far they have raised almost $2500 from 47 backers. These funds will go towards purchasing a 2000 gallon water tank with a timed, drip irrigation system.
For the whole story click here.

What is Kickstarter?
Kickstarter is a funding platform for creative projects. Everything from films, games, and music to art, design, and technology. Kickstarter is full of ambitious, innovative, and imaginative projects that are brought to life through the direct support of others. Since its launch on April 28, 2009, Kickstarter has helped raise over $350 million that has been pledged by more than 2.5 million people, funding more than 30,000 creative projects.

Building Community Around Food
This week we raised $35 for the Conway Locally Grown Community Fund, a micro lending program that will fund sustainable and community oriented projects. So far we have raised $1725.40 for our next round of Community Fund investments. We plan to start taking applications for the next round of funding in December. To read more about how the CLG Community Fund works, visit our and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Food Pantry Donations
This week CLG Members raised $25 for the food pantry! This year we have raised $1877.35 for the Saint Peter’s Food Pantry.

Have a great day!

Monroe Farm Market:  MFM This Weeks Delivery

Dear Customers,

Thank you for your on-going support of our weekly market! MFM is now
transitioning to our every other week deliveries.

Our next delivery will be on Thursday, November 15th. This market
will be full for Thanksgiving with ornamental pumpkins, cooking
pumpkins, herbs, greens, beautiful potatoes, a variety of meats and
beautiful crafts.

We will be hosting our Holiday Bazaar on the 29th, our third November

MFM is deeply appreciative of your support of our amazing farms and
the wonderful people and land that create such beautiful foods. We
look forward to seeing you on the 15th and 29th!

Thanks again,

Monroe Farm Market Cooperative
Union, West Virginia

Champaign, OH:  It's almost over...

I am not a betting woman but I’ll bet a dollar I can make the campaign commercials stop! On Wednesday morning there won’t be a one! Thankfully we can get back to normal around here!
Check out the beautiful radishes, turnips, acorn squashes and more this week! We still have produce and it stores well! Have a wonderful week, red, blue or purple!

Madison GA:  Madison Locally Grown Product List 11/7

The market is open. Check out the new pork products from Tagyerit Farm.

NEW PICK-UP TIME: 4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

See you there!
Patty Lay
Market Manager
(541) 914-5183

Porterdale, GA:  Available for pickup November 10

Hello everyone!
Just a quick message tonight-

Your orders are due by 9 pm Wednesday and pickup is from 10-11 at the depot in Porterdale on Saturday.
Thanks for being a part of this market!

Spa City Local Farm Market Co-op:  last chance market

Just a reminder to members AND growers that the November 9th market, which is still open until Tuesday night, is the last market before Thanksgiving.

The following market isn’t until November 30th, so this would be a good time to stock up on things for your holiday cooking and entertaining.